What is Flourishing?                                                                                                       




How to make a difference - video clips 

Building flourishing
One family's story


The above videos are an example of what one group of adults are doing to help young people flourish. They describe the type of activities that adults can do with young people that help them to develop good relationship skills and a sense of meaning and purpose.

In Building flourishing the adults describe how they engage with young people to promote flourishing and the young people talk about what is important to them.

In One family's story a family describe their positive experience and the life changing effect that engaging young people in meaningful activities has had on their lives.

This is intended to show the value of adults engaging with young people in a positive way. It could happen in a dance class, a sports club, chess club, classroom or at home. We hope that this will encourage parents to see the benefit of children and young people engaging in activities that they enjoy.