How to use the Toolkit

How to use the Toolkit

The toolkit is arranged into two sections - the Flourishing section and the Troubling Behaviours section. They both work in the same way.

To enter one of the two sections from the homepage, click the button for the section you want to look at. Or from any other page, click "Flourishing" or "Troubling Behaviours" from the menu at the top.

Then, to find the topic you’re interested in, click an option from the list on the left. Or, you can click on "Topic Index" at the top of any page, to see a full list of the topics contained within the toolkit.

You can move to different parts of the topic pages using the links in the coloured panel at the top.

Clicking on the underlined links within the text will take you to other relevant topics.

Many topics have video clips of specialist workers speaking about the particular topic. If a topic has video clips, the following icon will be shown

If you would like to give feedback on a specific topic, please use the link on the appropriate topic page where the icon is shown.

If you have general comments about the toolkit, please email